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The 35th Anniversary

Posted by on 2010/04/28Uncategorized    2 comments

My name is Trista Goldberg and I am the founder of Operation Reunite. We are a 501 c3 that focuses on supporting Vietnamese adoptees and the process of discovering our past. We also help Amerasians in their search for citizenship and birth fathers. I started my journey back in 2000 when I ...

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The Right Time for a Reunion

Posted by on 2010/04/22Adoption Stories, Orphanages, Return to Vietnam, Reunions, Vietnam    2 comments

Written on April 15, 2010 By Tricia Houston During our two week reunion, there were too many signs that this was the right time for our gathering of the first generation Vietnamese adoptees from all over the world to come to our homeland of Viet Nam. I heard over and over from my fellow adoptees, “I didn’t ...

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The Parting After a Reunion

Posted by on 2010/04/20Return to Vietnam, Reunions    2 comments

For the past twelve months I've been repeatedly telling myself that this big Vietnamese Adoptee reunion of ours is still a whole year away. Wow! How is it that time has flown by so quickly and what was once an intriguing idea for just a few is now an enduring collection of memories for so ...

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Good Night Saigon

Posted by on 2010/04/15Adoption Stories, Orphanages, Return to Vietnam, Reunions, Vietnam    3 comments

April 15, 2010 Tricia Houston It is my last night in Saigon and I feel a sense of peace within myself. I have found more than I thought I would during my first visit to my homeland. Of course, the many friends I have made on this reunion. The adoptees I have met are so very supportive. ...

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Go Vap Orphanage

Posted by on 2010/04/14Orphanages, Return to Vietnam, Reunions, Vietnam, Volunteering    2 comments

Written about Monday, April 12, 2010 Tricia Houston Last year I asked Kim if I could teach a lesson at the orphanage that she volunteers at and was once a home for her. This has been in the planning stages for a long time. The lesson became a reality on Monday at Go Vap Orphanage. I ...

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Homecoming Day

Posted by on 2010/04/08Adoption Stories    One comment

Tricia Houston My homecoming day is April 8. That was when I was named Patricia Anne Houston and given to a family to start a new life. I love you mom!

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An Evening with a Vietnamese Family

Posted by on 2010/04/07Arts & Culture, Orphanages, Return to Vietnam, Vietnam    One comment

April 7, 2010 Tricia Houston Tonight was a special evening. Four weeks ago I met a woman, Tho, who worked at the World Vision Baby Home in Gia Dinh District. She gave me a book to give to her sister, Mai, who lives in Saigon. When I met her on Sunday, she promised to pick me up ...

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35 Years Ago

Posted by on 2010/04/06Adoption Stories, Return to Vietnam, Vietnam, Volunteering    4 comments

April 6, 2010 Tricia Houston I did not realize that yesterday, April 5, was the day I left Saigon to a new home in America 35 years ago. Today, April 6 was when I touched down on American soil to start a new life. Here I am observing my personal anniversaries in my homeland. It ...

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An Orphan Named Nhu

Posted by on 2010/04/06Orphanages, Return to Vietnam, Vietnam, Volunteering    No comments

Written about April 5, 2010 Tricia Houston In the morning I met my dear friend, Kim, to travel to our destination. Our purpose for the morning was to participate in a VAN GO Conference at the orphanage. We drove through District 3 (I think that is what I read on a sign) to get to the ...

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April 4, 1975

Posted by on 2010/04/03Return to Vietnam, Reunions, Vietnam    4 comments

Tricia Houston Today is the Galaxy C-5A Memorial Ceremony. To all of my brothers and sisters who I never met due to the tragedy on April 4, 1975, I will be saying a prayer for you at the crash site. To my special friends who are survivors, I am grateful to know you. I recently learned ...

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