A Jam Packed Day Filled With Love, Food & Laughter!

It was great meeting up with Son Michael Pham again; we had so much to catch up on & there is no better way to do so than over lunch! He took us to the food plaza in Parkson’s & I couldn’t wait to taste the delights of authentic Vietnamese food, especially at such cheap prices! 

The Banh nam & Banh uot cuon thit were less than £1! Whilst we were waiting for Jessica (who is another volunteer from the US), Son Michael & I caught up & discussed planning & logistics for the April 2010 OR Vietnamese Adoptee Reunion. 

Once the lovely Jessica arrived, we picked up some KFC for the ‘Teach Me To Fish kids’, & we made our way to Go Vap orphanage.

I was not sure if the younger kids knew I was coming today, but I was really amazed at their radar skills! It was their sleep time, yet for some reason as I was walking (very quietly) past their ward, the kids jumped out & surprised me! Mum & I were nearly knocked to the floor with all of them jumping on top of us! I had not brought any goodies as I planned to bring the gifts on Monday, but they were not expecting anything at all. All the children wanted, were for me to hold them & give them a big kiss & cuddle! That is just one of many reasons why I love to give to those children!

I think some of the carers knew mum & I was coming, & I was in shock when one of them (who used to be an orphan at Go Vap), gave mum & I a beautiful pearl necklace & bracelet!

We then proceeded up stairs & joined Son Michael. Every time the kids see Son Michael they go wild & there was much laughter & eating done by all! Obviously, no teaching was done as Son Michael treated the kids to lunch, sweets & gifts he had bought for them.

I was so happy to see Tai & Nhi again, they are my favourite students! After 2 years, Tai is now sprouting front teeth & a new pair of glasses! It’s such a shame that they will not be able to be put up for adoption. At this point, I so wish I was like Angelina Jolie & had the money & influence to adopt all of the kids!

I met up with Leanne again; she is a beautiful Australian Vietnamese girl, who teaches English to the kids every Sunday on Son Michael’s programme. I was surprised to meet Jelly (mai), who is a very young & sweet Vietnamese girl; she had contacted me on my Facebook Vietnam Volunteer Network group, & Helping Hydrocephalus, Malformed, Disabled & Sick Kids In Vietnam cause & in turn, I gave her details to Son Michael who had kindly shown her round the orphanage. As Mai is from the Go Vap district & is extremely enthusiastic, she has committed to visit the orphanage on regular basis to help feed & change the new born babies!

 I managed to steal away & spent some time with Nhat, the baby I want to adopt. He has grown so much & is so lively. I was so happy & relieved that Nhat recognised me; he gave me the biggest smile ever, put his arms up for me to pick up, and then gave me his cutest giggle & a big kiss! It was amazing to hold him in my arms again & I did not want to leave him!!

 I showed Jessica round the hydrocephalus, malformed & disabled ward & she was truly touched by what she saw. I can tell that from her heart & passion, she will make an excellent volunteer.

 Son Michael is the most genuine & helpful man I have ever met, the kids eyes light up every time they see him, which is testament enough, & why I am very loyal to his organisation ‘Kids Without Borders’. Son Michael even made time to ask the nursemaids (who used to be older orphans during the war) about information for one of my friends who is also another adoptee from the UK.

 Afterwards we headed back to the hotel, freshened up & guess what… proceeded to go to another hotel for a buffet! Every time Son Michael visits Vietnam, the older orphans from his successful programme get treated to eating the best Vietnamese food & he always bears gifts. To see the smile on their faces is priceless!  They are so much fun to be around, & were very happy to hear that their prayers for me to find love came true. LOL They thought it would need to take a miracle, for someone of my age to find love!

I have another jam packed day tomorrow, so it is time for me to bid good night from Vietnam!

 Sweet dreams!



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