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Rebel With A Cause! | Vietnamese Adoptees

Rebel With A Cause!

Right now I’m sitting by the hotel pool yet feel so trapped, irritated & confused!

You’re probably wondering why? Isn’t that most people’s dream; to relax by the pool? Well not in this case as I have to wait for DHL & can’t go too far away from the hotel! I’m missing the kids at the orphanage like crazy & it didn’t help that one of my favourite students started crying down the phone as I couldn’t visit them today!

Before I departed for Vietnam, Danone had kindly paid & sent several boxes of gifts for the kids at the orphanage, which were to be delivered to my hotel.

Yesterday DHL delivered 2 boxes & I only had to pay the customs costs (not sure why since the original paperwork stated it was for charity!).

Today DHL want to see my passport & immigration card so they can deliver the rest of the packages.  I have no idea why, & I’m supposed to pay more money. The staff at the hotel has been very kind; they too are also very confused, as they have never seen this before.

The previous years I’ve never had to go through such ‘officialdom’; personally I’m not the sort of person to always follow mindless rules & procedures, so this is driving me crazy!

 Somewhere at DHL, there is a little official, who probably doesn’t know what the word ‘charity’ means. Their English is not very good, which is why the hotel has to translate for me. I wish I could speak Vietnamese so I could sort this matter out over the phone myself!  

I feel like screaming right now & know that I have to get my point across, yet hide my frustration & just smile at them!

I am going to have to take a fellow adoptees advice & just breathe…


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:Haha! I'am the first! Yeh~

Thank you!

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