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Le Van Tam Park & The Sweet University Graduates | Vietnamese Adoptees

Le Van Tam Park & The Sweet University Graduates

Last night mum & I went to Le Van Tam Park which is in district 1. It was a beautiful evening, which helped to clam me down after all the problems I’ve been having with DHL.

In the middle of the park there is a podium & rock n’ roll music from the 60’s & 70’s were playing. So many people of all ages congregate there & dance lessons are held. It was a beautiful & very sweet sight to see. A lot of Vietnamese & ex pats jog around the park as well.

We met up with Minh who is the founder of ‘All For Children With Misfortune’. Minh coordinates a group of very young looking graduates who volunteer from different NPO’s & NGO’s. In fact I’ve never seen a bunch of 23 year olds looking like they were 12 years old before; whatever they’ve been taking, I want some!

It was so nice to see how these young people had taken time out of their busy schedules to get together to try & help the children in Vietnam who were not so fortunate. There was also a lovely American girl who was Amerasian & was volunteering at her aunts dance studio. We introduced ourselves & did a warm up session, which consisted of games & dance, which even my mum joined in on.

I was surprised to notice how innocent & sweet these young people were, compared to the West. A couple of times we were asked to move on to a different are of the park by the local police & we all did so with no moaning whatsoever! LOL being British I have the odd tendency to moan a lot, but being around these sweet people I felt so calm & relaxed. I do not think I’ve witnessed any back chat or anger from any of the Vietnamese people (except from one of our taxis drivers when a car pulled out in front of him).

It was a fruitful night as I managed to recruit a couple of them to volunteer at Go Vap orphanage!

As I’m receiving so many offers of help about my DHL problem & Safi our lovely receptionist from Danone is handling things from the UK, I am finally able to relax.

Today mum & I are off to Ben Thanh Market to buy more gifts for the kids & then onto Go Vap to teach the children at 14.00. I can’t wait to see them as I’ve missed them dreadfully these past 2 days.

Love & light,

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