Min Anh & The Children Afflicted With Agent Orange at Tu Du Maternity Hospital

A fellow adoptee ‘introduced’ me to a lovely English lady who is a humanitarian & has done so much for the children of Vietnam.
Since 1995 Brenda has been visiting Vietnam to help out in its many orphanages and children’s charities.
Brenda became very attached to a wonderful little boy called Min Anh, & I can certainly see why!

Apart from my experiences at Go Vap orphanage with the kids who are dying from Agent Orange related illnesses, I had never made the time to visit other Agent Orange facilities in Vietnam. However, on this occasion, I had made a promise to deliver a special letter to a very special little boy.

Unfortunately, Min Anh has a terrible skin condition, which as you can see is more like fish scales & his condition is attributed to Agent Orange.

When I first arrived, I was so upset at seeing his neck, hands & legs tied to the chair. As you can see, there is material around his neck. The nurse warned me that he may try to hit, but I asked the nurse (very nicely) to untie him. Of course with his condition, he tried to scratch & hit himself, but Min Anh was easy to control, if you just hold his hand.

Min Anh & other kids like him would not need to be tied, if he had a nurse or a volunteer on shift with him on a one to one basis. I hope we can get more volunteers to make sure they can spend some quality time with children like Min Anh, as seeing the kids tied up makes my heart break.

The other children who either had no arms or legs, or were malformed are simply amazing.
To be there, just watching those kids playing active games with the basic tools they had, had been sad to witness, yet inspiring.

I hope that the chemical companies like Monsanto pay for their war crimes. With people like Doc Bernie Duff & Le Ly Hayslip, Brenda Smith & other good organisations; I hope their work & determination will surely help all of the AO sufferers! However the Vietnamese, American’s, Australian’s & Canadian’s & all of us need to unite & stand beside them & protest for what is right!

These kids are my heroes & I am looking forward to seeing them again next year; they do not complain & yet they are afflicted with so much pain & disabilities!
If you ever get a chance to meet those children, you would be hard pressed to ever moan about anything in your life…

Love & light,

Kim & Min Anh

Kim & Min Anh

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