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Religion In Vietnam | Vietnamese Adoptees

Religion In Vietnam

Pretty Pink Catholic Church

Pretty Pink Catholic Church

During my time in Vietnam, I couldn’t help but wonder where all the stories of Vietnam being a non religious country came from.

A buddhist temple

A buddhist temple

As well as there being numerous Buddhist temples & churches, it appears that
Vietnam has opened it’s doors to other Christian faiths & new churches appear every time I return.

A mosque

A mosque

On my way to Go Vap orphanage I was particularly surprised to see a Muslim mosque!
Seeing the Mosque as well as other religious organisations has given me faith
that one day all faiths & people from all races will be at peace.

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  1. #1  Kevin Maes

    Did you know that there is a mosque next to the Sheraton on Dong Du Street in District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City? There are at least 2 halal restaurants across the street from there too.

    10/03/31 02:48

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