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My First Morning in Viet Nam “Good Morning Viet Nam! | Vietnamese Adoptees

My First Morning in Viet Nam “Good Morning Viet Nam!

April 2, 2010
Tricia Houston

I woke up to the sounds of the morning city traffic outside of my hotel. The sounds of honking motor bikes and people negotiating food at sidewalk vendors were down below me. I expected that with reading the reviews for the hotel. This is in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City, which is one the busiest cities in the world.
For breakfast I had eggs, watermelon, and crab fried rice. There was a choice of French fries offered in the buffet but I did not eat that for part of my breakfast. Then the guys, who are fellow VADs (John, Jacob, and Jaime – our new Aussie friend who took us on a tour of Saigon last night) came in with a box of fried spring rolls with the lettuce and rice paper to roll it all into. Very good! The guys felt bad about not calling me up before they went out to the shops. They didn’t want to wake me up. We are going to meet up at 10:10 a.m. to go to the world famous Ben Thanh Market, which is down the street from me and within walking distance.
The travel to here was eventful with meeting up with other adoptees. My mom had an opportunity to meet John and his wife at LAX before we went through security. Jay and his family arrived at LAX and stayed awhile to see Jay off. Then, last night was eventful with meeting up with the other adoptees in the Seoul International Airport. There were five other adoptees, including two from UK, one from Sweden, one from Germany, and my good friend Mike from Hawaii, were meeting up with us in Seoul. I knew who they were at first sight. It was an awesome meeting of long time friends. Kim said that it is better than a Skype conference. Yes, there was no typing to me, “Tricia, I was dropped. Add me.”
There were seven of us were on the same flight from Seoul to Saigon. The flight in was very symbolic. This was the boarding pass stub to keep. We were all scattered about the flight. It was more organized with assigned sitting than what I boarded 35 years ago. For that flight, babies were in makeshift bassinets made out of cardboard boxes and lined up by three to be strapped in with a seat belt. That was a very different time indeed.
The actual reunion at the airport was chaotic and awesome. Hugs were exchanged all around and so many pictures were snapped to capture a moment in time. Vietnamese adoptees from Australia, UK, Europe, and US all came together in one place for a very special reunion.
More to come my friends.

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  1. #3  Tricia Houston

    Thank you, Karen, for your kind words about my trip.

    10/04/05 12:56
  2. #2  Karen Merkow

    Fantastic Tricia. Just hearing about this initial meeting brings tears of excitment for you! Enjoy!

    10/04/04 21:32
  3. #1  Linda Sansom

    Hooray, Tricia! You’re there and enjoying it! Savor every moment, as I’m sure you will. We’ll miss you tomorrow at Easter but we’ll all be talking about you and your trip. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Love to you from the Sansoms, L & L

    10/04/03 11:54

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