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Ben Thanh Market | Vietnamese Adoptees

Ben Thanh Market

Tricia Houston

April 2, 2010

I once said that the purpose of this trip is to smell, see, touch, and hear my homeland in person. (and of course taste the wonderful food) My senses were on overload this morning. We visited Ben Thanh market that is walking distance from my hotel. We met up with some UK and US adoptees. Another photo opportunity in front of the entrance to the market.

The smells of the food area of the market were strong of fermented fish and fish oil being sold. The sights of vibrate fabric at stands were a spectrum of colors. Then there were the sad sights of old ladies selling lottery tickets on the street as a living and moms carrying around their cute babies to beg for food or money. The sounds of a foreign language run through the air. I try to get by with saying, “Com on” (thank you) and a new phrase for “No thank you,” which I do not know how to spell yet. Of course the sounds of horns honking in the busy streets that seem to not have any traffic rules but people get around anyway.
The touch of the muggy air is like no other I have experienced. It is very hot!

This is an experience of a lifetime.

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