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Come Together | Vietnamese Adoptees

Come Together

April 3, 2010

Writing about April 2, 2010
Tricia Houston

Yesterday was day of gatherings for the first time since I arrived. After we walked through the Ben Thanh Market and freshened up at our hotels, we walked over to the Rex Hotel. The Rex Hotel was famous during the war because the daily briefings were held in a conference room. Then they were televised in America as part everyone witnessing the war on TV. In present day, we used the Rex Hotel’s rooftop swimming pool as a site of a casual pool party for the adoptees. Kevin, a fellow adoptee, organized the event at the Rex with discounts.
At first there were only a handful of adoptees gathering. However, as time continued, we had as many as 30 to 35 adoptees from around the world meeting and greeting each other. It was incredible! For people to travel from where they grew up or are now living (US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Norway, Finland, and Australia) and return to their motherland of Vietnam at this specific time was an overwhelming sight to witness. I saw some faces that were in awe of the gathering of many adoptees. I spoke to Ralf, who is an adoptee from Norway, and he had never been to an adoptee event this big before. For many it was a first time meeting adoptees from another country. When Sister Susan, who took care of many of the adoptees in orphanages 35 years ago, arrived, there was a line that quickly formed to receive a hug from her. Although I was not one of her babies that she took care of 35 years ago, I was in the line to greet a wonderful person.

Later that night at the Caravelle Hotel, we used the rooftop bar for our initial gathering. People greeted each other and took more pictures of a time that will be surely remembered long afterwards. As we were gathering for some announcements, I welcomed everyone to the Vietnamese Adoptee Reunion. Cheers broke out, which was a wonderful sound, as flashes of cameras went off.
I am still in awe of the coming together of the Vietnamese adoptees at one time and place. It is finding out that I am one of many. Many adoptees who were part of an event in history (babylift and prior to babylift, too) that came together. It is a humbling feeling to be part of something that is bigger than me.
My first 24 hours in Viet Nam was memorable with knowing I am one of many adoptees and we are soaking up our homeland together.

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  1. #2  Tricia Houston

    Thank you, Linda, for your comments. I will be thinking of you and the rest of the family tomorrow for Easter. Enjoy watching your grandchildren look for Easter eggs. Tricia

    10/04/03 12:36
  2. #1  Linda Sansom

    Tricia, I smell a book coming from you about your experiences. I also smell the sights and sounds that you are describing. Wish I was there with you but you are our eyes, ears, nose, etc. Enjoy!!! Love, Linda

    10/04/03 12:09

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