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April 4, 1975 | Vietnamese Adoptees

April 4, 1975

Tricia Houston

Today is the Galaxy C-5A Memorial Ceremony. To all of my brothers and sisters who I never met due to the tragedy on April 4, 1975, I will be saying a prayer for you at the crash site. To my special friends who are survivors, I am grateful to know you.
I recently learned that the Baby Home nurse took a group of babies, which included me, to the airport the morning of April 4 to board C-5A. We were turned away because there were not enough care givers on the plane for us. Four weeks ago when I discovered that about myself, I was silent. Whatever my life was meant to become, it was determined that day.

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:Haha! I'am the first! Yeh~

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  1. #4  Linda Sansom

    Wow! What a trip you are having, Tricia. You will return with a new resolve and you will accomplish much, I am sure! We feel like we’re there with you. Love, Linda

    10/04/05 17:03
  2. #3  Tricia Houston

    Thanks, Laura. I’m glad you had a great Easter.

    10/04/05 12:55
  3. #2  Laura Castrejon

    Thanks for journaling, Tricia! We’ve been thinking of you each day. We had a nice time with your mom yesterday at Easter. Keep writing…your descriptions sound amazing. Laura, Benito, and Lucia

    10/04/05 12:22
  4. #1  Karen Merkow

    Your future was predestined as a baby to do great things for others, as you are doing as a teacher!

    10/04/04 21:40

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