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35 Years Ago

April 6, 2010

Tricia Houston

I did not realize that yesterday, April 5, was the day I left Saigon to a new home in America 35 years ago. Today, April 6 was when I touched down on American soil to start a new life. Here I am observing my personal anniversaries in my homeland. It still amazes me!

I spent today very quietly. In the morning I stayed in to blog and let myself rest. It was a good idea to process everything such as the babies in the orphanage. I made Nhu cry when I placed her back in her silver crib. She liked being held. Then when I was trying to place Minh back in his crib, he did not want to let go of my left arm. He was attached to me for awhile. I know that 35 years ago I was in a similar crib. I was not picked up but only for my medical evaluations. There were so many of us that no one could come around to hold us. As an adult, I know that was the reason why I did not like hugging people when I was a child. I did not have that close experience as a baby in my first 6 months of my life. After I understood that, I become more available to hug others. During my visit to the orphanage I wanted to hold as many babies I could because I know how important it was for the baby.

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:Haha! I'am the first! Yeh~

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  1. #4  Amberly

    I was seruisoly at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

    11/07/09 18:37
  2. #3  Tricia Houston

    I remember being hugged a lot by you mom. 🙂

    10/04/06 20:16
  3. #2  Linda Sansom

    Tricia, Thank you for your wonderful insights from Viet Nam. Just wish you could bring back some of the children for all of us to love. Linda

    10/04/06 19:23
  4. #1  jacque Houston

    Love this new posting as it was so true and sad for me when I learned months later that no one was there to hold you. I think that is why it was so important for me to hold you so much when you were a baby.

    10/04/06 11:44

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