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Homecoming Day | Vietnamese Adoptees

Homecoming Day

Tricia Houston

My homecoming day is April 8. That was when I was named Patricia Anne Houston and given to a family to start a new life. I love you mom!

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:Haha! I'am the first! Yeh~

Thank you!

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  1. #1  jacque Houston

    I remember all of this as if it were yesterday. The day I got the call at school that you were finally on your way to us. Your brother was so happy to know he soon would see his sister. Then to quickly get everything ready for you….a hectic and exciting time. A few days later we drove to Pasedena to pick you up at the church. Then when the caregivers from World Vision handed you to us I remember them saying that now you were OUR beautiful baby girl. How true! So tiny…9 1/2 lbs. and 6 months old! You have given me so much joy from that day forward.

    10/04/12 00:43

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