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VietnameseAdoptees.com is a community blog by a diaspora of writers who share at least two significant commonalities.

Already in the Blogosphere there exist numerous blogs by adult adoptees, Vietnamese writers, blogs about Vietnam and also those by non-Vietnamese living or working in Vietnam. However, our blog seeks to find its unique position in Cyberspace as it is the meeting place of we who have largely grown up in isolation of one other and it is actually because of the Internet that we have been able to finally reconnect, in some cases, only very recently. 

This special blog effort is also a reflection of Operation Reunite’s weekly discovery of the many members of our community as we continue to reach out to one another to explore our experiences which, over the past few decades, have been both strikingly similar and yet, at the same time, profoundly divergent.

It is at this time that we create our blog because several members of our community are actively engaged in planning a reunion of Vietnamese adoptees to mark the 35th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon, which will be held on Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in April 2010. News and views related to the organizing of this momentous occasion will be presented here over the next year and we hope that the site will serve as an informational hub for those of you who are interested in attending the reunion or for those wishing to follow its development.

The growth of our blog and of the ongoing dialogue between us depends on the participation of as many voices of the Vietnamese adoptee community as possible. We welcome the multitude of individual stories in order to more completely shape the collective experience that is chronicled here in blog form. To put it plainly, if you are a Vietnamese Adoptee who would like to contribute to this effort then we would really like to hear from you! 

With Love and Open Arms,

Your Fellow Vietnamese Adoptees

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    just a hi


    09/11/19 08:40
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    I just finished the Tom’s of Maine Sponsorship: 50 States for Good. We are excited to be part if this community sponsorship an can’t wait to see if we will be part of the 50 finalist to compete for five $20,000 rewards. We will know soon and hopefully everyone is willing to vote for Operations Reunite. I’ll keep you updated with the details.

    09/08/27 17:56

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