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Taking in Saigon by Foot

Posted by on 2010/04/03Return to Vietnam, Reunions, Vietnam    One comment

Writing about April 3, 2010 Tricia Houston At 10:00 on Saturday, April 3, we met for a city tour lead by the inspirational Son Michael Pham. He is the founder of Kids Without Borders (http://www.kidswithnoborders.org/Home.asp) and does so much for Go Vap Orphanage here. He has arranged buses for our tours and local press interest. The tour ...

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Come Together

Posted by on 2010/04/02Adoption Stories, Return to Vietnam, Reunions, Vietnam    2 comments

April 3, 2010 Writing about April 2, 2010 Tricia Houston Yesterday was day of gatherings for the first time since I arrived. After we walked through the Ben Thanh Market and freshened up at our hotels, we walked over to the Rex Hotel. The Rex Hotel was famous during the war because the daily briefings were held ...

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Ben Thanh Market

Posted by on 2010/04/02Adoption Stories, Return to Vietnam, Reunions, Vietnam    No comments

Tricia Houston April 2, 2010 I once said that the purpose of this trip is to smell, see, touch, and hear my homeland in person. (and of course taste the wonderful food) My senses were on overload this morning. We visited Ben Thanh market that is walking distance from my hotel. We met up with some UK ...

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My First Morning in Viet Nam “Good Morning Viet Nam!

Posted by on 2010/04/01Adoption Stories, Return to Vietnam, Reunions, Vietnam    3 comments

April 2, 2010 Tricia Houston I woke up to the sounds of the morning city traffic outside of my hotel. The sounds of honking motor bikes and people negotiating food at sidewalk vendors were down below me. I expected that with reading the reviews for the hotel. This is in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City, ...

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The Lost Children of Haiti through the Eyes of a Vietnamese Adoptee

Posted by on 2010/02/11Adoption Stories, News & Events    No comments

By Tricia Houston In the days following the earthquake, we see the heartbreaking images of Haitian orphans and hear the questions of whether they should be airlift and adopted by American families. The current reality of the Haitian orphans, who were waiting for final adoption approval ...

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Religion In Vietnam

Posted by on 2009/11/08Arts & Culture, Festivals & Holidays, Return to Vietnam, Vietnam    One comment

[caption id="attachment_147" align="alignnone" width="111" caption="Pretty Pink Catholic Church"][/caption] During my time in Vietnam, I couldn't help but wonder where all the stories of Vietnam being a non religious country came from. [caption id="attachment_184" align="alignnone" width="550" caption="A buddhist temple"][/caption] As well as there being numerous Buddhist temples & churches, it appears that Vietnam has opened it's doors to ...

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Visa Exemption

Posted by on 2009/09/06Uncategorized    No comments

I just renewed my passport to go on the reunion adoptee tour in Vietnam 2010. I'm so excited but now need to fill out my family visa exemption application. When traveling to Vietnam it just makes sense to do the five year exemption for $20 but I'm not sure how the family exemption ...

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Reflection of the Colorado Vietnamese Heritage Camp

Posted by on 2009/09/04Adoption Stories, Growing Up Adopted    No comments

Reflection of the Colorado Vietnamese Heritage Camp By Tricia Houston For the first time, I attended the Colorado Vietnamese Heritage Camp on August 8, 2009 and participated in four panel discussions with fellow adult adoptees Trista Goldberg, Kevin Maes, Jared Rehberg, and Ethan Brady. During the panel discussion, my purpose was to help the parents of the ...

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Same Eyes, Different View

Posted by on 2009/09/01Uncategorized    No comments

Same Eyes, Different View by Indigo Willing I was recently asked by a friend about what it was like returning to Vietnam for the first time. The first trip I took back fell at a very confusing and difficult time in my life. It was such an emotional time too that even now, I find it ...

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An Adopted Vietnamese Story by Safi Thi-Kim Dub

Posted by on 2009/08/27Adoption Stories, Growing Up Adopted, Orphanages, Return to Vietnam    6 comments

INTRODUCTION The Vietnam War 1965 – 1975. A ten year war fought between the North, (Communists) and the South, (aided by USA and Allies). One of the aftermaths of that War, were the thousands of Vietnamese orphans that were left behind. I was one of them. My name is Safi Thi-Kim Dub and I was born in Vietnam ...

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